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January 26, 2005

About Johnnie Moore

I’m a marketing consultant/facilitator based in London. I’ve got my own weblog here where you can find out more about me. I'll just use this post to talk about my history with Sainsbury's.

My sentimental attachment to Sainsbury’s goes back to childhood, when I accompanied mum to the old-style store on South Street, Bishop’s Stortford. A store with staff behind counters, but not a supermarket. I recall that it had become a supermarket by 1969, when we were given a slice of fruit cake to celebrate the firm’s centenary. (Over those childhood years, I was well-indoctrinated that Tesco’s was a very low class establishment by comparison.) I shopped at "JS" with mum well into my teens, through several reincarnations of Sainsbury’s Bishop’s Stortford.

After growing up and getting a degree, I was appointed, somewhat to my surprise, by Sainsbury’s to work as research assistant to Lord (Alan) Sainsbury – by then the octogenarian President of the company. I sat on the top floor of Stamford House, somewhat of an innocent graduate trying to write speeches for him about the Green Pound.

I only stayed a little more than a year, but in that time I did the rounds including two weeks working at Sainsbury’s Walthamstow, turning my hand to everything from counting the cash to gutting the fish. While I worked there, they opened a store in Islington. Which is, oddly enough, where I now live and often do my weekly shop.

So I have a long, and often fond attachment to Sainsbury’s. I don’t really believe in getting loyal to brands, it makes more sense to be loyal to people. But there it is, the world is not that logical is it?

And it would be nice to see Sainsbury’s do well again. Perhaps in a very different way from the past.

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