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February 05, 2005

About Freddie Daniells

Hi - welcome to 173. I am Freddie Daniells. And I am the last of the terrible threesome to get properly signed up here.

My day job is running cogentum. We help large companies save time and money by making the marketing department and brand easier to run.

I have a broad and varied background which includes many years working for a variety of investment banks. I plan to bring all these experiences to bear in talking about JS here. To read about me and my thoughts come to my personal site.

This site will, we hope, become THE place to focus on and debate the business, marketing and financial issues that Sainsbury's face.

We would like to invite contributions from all parties who can bring value to the discussion - analysts, brand specialists, former employees, existing employees, competitors, retail consultants and anyone else with a strong view. If you would like to either guest or become a more permanent part of the debate, then please get in touch. This can attributed or can be anonymous.

For me this is an exciting experiment. I know of no other site so focused on the business issues surrounding a single company. It will be a lot of fun to see where you can help us take it.

However, this site is a conversation. Nothing more, nothing less. It is certainly no panacea. There are inevitably many company specific variables that we can never know. So whilst our opinions may be argued forcefully, we accept their limitations.

Why Sainsbury's?

Like Johnny I was brought up to view Sainsbury's as a quality retailer that stood somewhat above the fray in the supermarket industry. Yet somehow the company feels frail in this market. We have all read about the poor financial performance. But the problems are not financial in nature - Sainsbury's has lost its way.

I also love food, and can be happily seen wandering the aisles on a Saturday morning round my local supermarkets in North London. Sainsbury's reputation as a seller of quality food is important to me.

I look forward to hearing from you, the readers and potential contributors. I look forward to a great conversation.

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