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April 20, 2005

Reintroducing Adrian Trenholm and a bit more on "why 173?"

So, I am no longer a guest author at 173 Drury Lane - Johnnie asked me recently to join him, Freddie and Max as a regular author and I was pleased to accept.

To reiterate my core message on this blog: The idea that we have no real food culture in this country - as opposed to say France or Italy - is outdated. There are big rewards for the supermarket which wakes up and takes a lead role in UK food culture. Unlike Tesco and Asda, Sainsbury's has the heritage, and possibly even the management will, to be a great food store. My posts here are aimed at exploring the nuts and bolts of "food focus," in particular:

  • Product range and quality - less junk and more healthy food, available consistently
  • Well managed, food-educated staff - real passion returned to buying and selling food
  • Leadership in food culture - dialogue with customers, and responsible leadership on health, supply chain and environment
  • Design and branding - to make food-focus successful in the mass, not just the niche, marketplace

I am grateful for all the comments and links to 173 Drury Lane so far and I am keen to continue what we have started. Johnnie emailed me recently:

It would be cool if [173] became the host for lively conversations with real [Sainsbury's] customers…

I like what James Cherkoff wrote recently about Open Source Marketing and I think this is very relevant to 173 Drury Lane:

There can be few marketeers who would admit to not being interested in their customers’ views and the issues that shape their marketplace. However, many do not appreciate the extent to which the new digital environment and distributed communications infrastructure has changed the rules of engagement.

So I ask you, if you haven't already, to comment here often, to link to us and to write about Sainsbury's on your blog, if you have one. Let's create a conversation that Sainsbury's can't ignore...

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