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August 31, 2005

A new addition to the team

I am very pleased to be the latest addition to the 173 Drury Lane writing team - my background is wine (a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirits) and to say I am totally immersed in the wine and food sub-sphere of blogging and the trade int he UK as a whole would be about right! While I concentrate on the vibrant independent sector with particular emphasis on web-based merchants the supermarkets, who dominate the wine buying sector in the UK, cannot be ignored. I maintain several websites including Spittoon.biz and Andy's Scribblings, the latter being a long running email newsletter with a world-wide readership. I am also a contributor to slashfood.com and jzepp.

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Welcome aboard, Andy.

Posted by: Adrian Trenholm | Sep 1, 2005 9:04:52 AM

I'd be pleased to learn how to post a new topic on this site. I have something to say about conversions at Sainsbury's at Jackson's outlets.

Posted by: David Riach | Nov 23, 2005 12:49:11 PM

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