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August 17, 2005

Sainbury needs a blogging strategy

It seems I blog on retail more than I realised. Old goldfish brain just remembered yesterday's pointer to Tesco, which is now using RSS to deliver daily special offers directly into your  "blog aggregator", or as we like to call them blog alligators... (that is, a simple piece of software that goes out onto the web and brings back any new thoughts or ideas from people whose opinions you subscribe to... a good example is bloglines).

Why should Sainbury get on with it? For one thing, because I nearly made my first ever ecommerce wine purchase,  from Tesco, just because of this silly widget. There are other geeks out there that might do the same thing.

But the Tesco gubbins is fairly poorly done. Sainbury could BLOW TESCO AWAY if it wanted to.

Here is a 3 point action plan, gleaned from some comments by Adrian on a recent 173 post.  Take the advice and Sainbury could begin leading the way, leading a national dialogue about food and retail, and respond better to customer needs and wants. Even Anticipate PR problems before they blow up.

Here is how:

1. Set up blogging accounts for any customer who wants to write about food OR set up a single blog to which food writers (maybe famous) can contribute.

2. Have an open discussion including Sainsbury's purchasing department, through a blog about food miles (why supermarkets fly stuff long distances, the constraints purchasers work under, the great local produce they discover and buy etc).

3. Get Justin King CEO blogging (if its good enough for General Motors CEO...)

There are lots of possibilities and all that is really required is corporate will and some dedicated individuals.

The best thing about blog networking is its cheap and easy to set up. No expensive consulting fees. The software can be free. But its not about technology so much as community.

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An even better strategy would be for Sainsbury's to offer ALL their customers a free blog like Skyrock did with www.skyblog.com. Skyblog now has * 2 640 527 Skyblogs and * 118 671 406 Articles. Sainsbury would then really get to know their customers!

Posted by: Geoff | Aug 18, 2005 1:51:00 PM

Interesting... Justin King used to be the head of beers, wines, & spirits at ASDA. Under him, the head of wines was this guy called Nick. Directly under Nick was this guy called Alistaire.

Nick and Alistair are now over at Orbital Wines, who do.... Stormhoek.

Nick is the head of the company, Alistair is the head of sales.

And Sainsbury's just ordered some Stormhoek.

Small world.

Posted by: hugh macleod | Aug 21, 2005 1:43:20 PM

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