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October 20, 2005

Engaging customers in recipes

Sainsbury customer Arun Joseph writes about her own recipe, Mummys Special Soup To Make Baby Eat When Ill With Lots of Love.

While we were in Sainsbury, we decided to buy a few things to make a soup with and ended up buying a concoction of items to throw into a soup. Joshua was very happy to eat it not only for his lunch, but for dinner too. So, as of now we know a secret weapon !
I wonder if Sainsbury's should find ways to encourage more of its customers to share their recipes as part of the "try something new" campaign?

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A nice observation by Cathy

When Kevin and I were in Sainsburys the other day, I noticed that the background music they were playing was the theme from The Godfather.

Kevin explained: "It's because they have offers you can't refuse."

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October 18, 2005

Wine Tasting Note: Sainsbury's SO Organic Shiraz, VdP d'Oc, France.

Soorganic Now we all realise that just because it is organic it is not going to have any great impact on the taste. It is the feel-good factor that matters in selecting an organic wine - the efforts of the producer to protect the environment and maintain the areas biodiversity. Organically produced wines often command a premium so to see one at under a fiver is unusual.

Wine Tasting Note: Sainsbury's SO Organic Shiraz, 2004, Vin de Pays d'Oc, France. (£4.99)
This has a nice perfume aroma - a touch of violets wrapped up in the blackberry and spice notes. The palate is chunky, a full-bodied wine. A touch of sweet fruit-richness upfront with a fine layer of tannins revealing themselves on the finish. Finish is a bit abrupt but what do you expect for under a five quid? For £4.99 (I think I brought this on offer with a £1 off) it is worth the money and a fine drink to accompany something beefy. Alcohol 12.5%.

[This note first appeared on Spittoon]

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October 06, 2005

New Sainsbury's Website

Sainsburysss_1 The new Sainsbury's shopping website has been launched. According to the email

"After listening to customer feedback, we've updated all your favourite features, and added some handy extra ones. So as well as a more flexible trolley, there's also a new zone just for great offers."

  • New and updated features include
  • a brighter and smarter design
  • new aisles and shelves for quicker shopping
  • quicker and easier facility to amend orders
  • dedicated offers zone

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The power of advertising

Nick Dymoke Marr from Stormhoek distributor, Orbital Wines, just emailed me this great link from The Guardian. It seems that since the "Try something different today" advert aired two weeks ago, sales of nutmeg have soared:

In the week following the launch of the advert, weekly sales of jars of whole nutmeg rose from 1,400 to 6,000. Because some folk are too lazy to grate it themselves, sales of the ground spice have also more than doubled to 4,500 jars a week. Demand is so high, Sainsbury's has ordered two years' worth of stock (nine tonnes) and has sent buyers to scour the world.

Checkout magazine confirms the story. I bet Peter Ward, Sainsbury's nutmeg buyer, never expected to see his name in lights. I wonder how he is coping with this exposure?

There's no word yet on whether this increase in demand for nutmeg is matched by increased sales across the board, but, at the very least, the campaign is rousing some dormant cooks.

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