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November 02, 2005

When is Sainbury going to stock Stormhoek Syrah?

I might buy a bottle or three at the right price (7 quid or so). Here is a post on the subject on my other blog monkchips.

There has to be more to life than Hardy's and Jacob's Creek, doesn't there?

Actually now I come to think of it I haven't noticed Sainsbury do any wine with food suggestions in its Try Something New campaign. How come? Surely this would be an obvious place to make non-obvious recommendations.

On that note, it makes sense to post these wine and food suggestions from Dennis Howlett, from a comment on monkchips.

Most British wine drinkers 'seem' to want an easy, predictable style for anytime anywhere guzzling. New World wines and others do that admirably.

In France, you absolutely marry wine with food. To do otherwise never rarely does the wine justice. For instance, a Muscadet Sur Lie is perfect with oysters, yet like vinegar on its own - €2 at any French supermarket

A chilled Saumur Champigny is fabulous with foie gras and other rich starters or chocolate desserts - €2.5-4.5 in any supermarket

Some of the Languedoc reds coming out of the Lezignan area are superb with red meats - €3-6 in any supermarket. They used to be regarded as 'blending fodder.'

Many 'vins de pays' used as an early evening aperitif are dirty cheap as well.

Indeed, whenever I spoke with French folk about good wine, they rarely pointed me towards bottles costing the equivalent of more than £6/bottle.

Dennis makes a great point about our drinking habits. If the UK government wants to cut binge drinking perhaps it should sponsor wine and food appreciation events rather than banning us from drinking on trains.

From a Sainbury perspective isn't this an opportunity? To start linking food and wine in customers minds, rather than just pitching yet another review by Matthew Jukes. Booze surely drives profits - its the old beer and nappies affect.

I should say Sainbury already has some decent spicy Spanish and Portuguese reds at absurdly low prices.

I really should be posting on the fact Sainbury has canned Accenture, but I will get to that later this week.

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They've got a bit of a problem with food and wine. Jamie hasn't exactly got the image has he? Being an Essex boy, you could hardly put him in front of a glass of good wine and keep a straight face.

Posted by: Dennis Howlett | Nov 3, 2005 4:35:33 AM


As I suggested before -just go to Waitrose and get yourself some Saumur.
For wines, Sainsbury is to Waitrose what Homebase is to B&Q: a place where amateur find ready-made answers... which turn up to not be right!

PS: and yes, I know, I owe you a bottle!


Posted by: Ludovic | Nov 23, 2005 2:27:49 PM

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