May 16, 2005

Sainsbury's rich heritage

David Middleburgh talks us on a virtual walking tour of Leytonstone, his childhood home, passing a former Sainsbury's site:

Walked up Church Lane past the former location of one of Sainsbury's opened around 1900. (I remember going in there when I was about 4? when they had shop assistants in aprons behind marbled counters and they sold unpacked butter (patted to order) and you could choose your own eggs individually).

I wonder if there is a Sainsbury's can promote such a rich heritage, without cheapening it?

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May 10, 2005

Old J Sainsbury sign on Flickr

This is a cool photo. If the local Sainsbury's is having work done anyway, wouldn't it be a nice thing to bung the charity a donation for a shiny new doorstep, then take this old one and build it into the refurbished store?

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April 15, 2005


Diamond Geezer has been to Drury Lane to update his history of the birthplace of Sainsbury's.

But there's no Sainsbury's store at 173 Drury Lane today. The glassy office block of New London House (see photo) is numbered 172, while the bright yellow Snappy Snaps on the opposite side of Macklin Street is numbered 175, so John's retail birthplace appears to have disappeared forever somewhere inbetween.

It's been left to Londis to hold the fort and to provide the only supermarket presence down Drury Lane. It's not a big store, it's more the size of John Sainsbury's old green- and white-tiled grocer's shop, but it sells pretty much everything amongst its crowded shelves. And yes, right at the back, even those nasty stodgy modern American muffins (69p, contains preservatives, best before 25 May, made on an industrial estate in Willesden). The muffin man is deeply missed around here.

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