October 06, 2005

New Sainsbury's Website

Sainsburysss_1 The new Sainsbury's shopping website has been launched. According to the email

"After listening to customer feedback, we've updated all your favourite features, and added some handy extra ones. So as well as a more flexible trolley, there's also a new zone just for great offers."

  • New and updated features include
  • a brighter and smarter design
  • new aisles and shelves for quicker shopping
  • quicker and easier facility to amend orders
  • dedicated offers zone

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September 11, 2005

Sainsbury's Supermarket of the Year.

The world's premier wine awards the International Wine Challenge has just announced the awards for the UK's best wine merchants. Sainsbury's has been crowned Supermarket of the Year 2005.

Organised by Wine International magazine the judges noted that

Booths’ range came in for particular praise, while Waitrose was applauded for its website, and the fine wine room and wine bar concepts that have been introduced to its flagship Canary Wharf store. However, after careful consideration of its IWC wine success and a second store visit, Sainsbury’s just edged into the lead. The judges were particularly impressed by the effort this chain is putting into training the staff in its wine departments, the look of those departments and the information on offer in them. The recently introduced wine festivals were also singled out, as was the growing number of small parcels of wine that are now available in the stores and via the chain’s website.

The judging criteria included range, prices, layout of the stores, general level of service, the wbesite and number of successes in the competitions wine tasting section. Mystery shoppers were also sent to various stores.

The runners up in the Supermarket section were Booths and Waitrose.

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September 06, 2005

Investing in the US...

Geoff Jones reports a story that Tesco may bid for Albertson's in the USA.

Albertsons are the number 2 food retailer in the USA who are having a hard time against Walmart.This is interesting especially after all the recent UK PR about Asda (Walmart) bleating about Tesco's dominance in the UK....

Personally I think its sheer lunancy if Tesco do this. Has any UK company succeeded in the USA? However, it could be good news for Sainsbury etc in the UK since Tesco's senior management would be well stretched to handle a Albertsons take over.

Sainsbury's invested in Shaws in the US but sold out last year... to Albertsons.

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August 21, 2005

Sainsbury's news roundup

Sainsbury's has just bought 9 Morrisons stores, 8 in the south of England, and one in Scotland:

Sainsbury (SBRY.L: Quote, Profile, Research) said the stores, part of the old Safeway chain that Morrison (MRW.L: Quote, Profile, Research) bought in 2004, would boost earnings in the first full year of operation.

More on this story at Just-Food.com.

But as new stores are acquired, another is threatend with closure, according to the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian:

SAINSBURY's Waltham Point distribution depot and Loughton Old Station Road supermarket could face possible closure if the company's lorries continue to flout route restrictions through the district.

Epping Forest Council has written to the company threatening enforcement action against the depot and supermarket, unless Sainsbury does more to stop its delivery lorries using routes prohibited under the orders agreed when the two premises were built.

The council itself is facing legal proceedings if it fails to address the issue, following legal correspondence from a Loughton resident who has recorded several breaches near his more than 800-year-old Church Hill home.

[The resident's] Solicitor Michael Legister, of Huggins & Lewis Foskett, said his client, wished to remain anonymous for fear of possible retalliation by angry drivers...

A Sainsbury spokesman said: "... we have robust processes in place to ensure our drivers and our suppliers only use the agreed route."

Meanwhile, Sainsburys rolls out Northgate HR payroll solution across 727 stores.

Keith Simson, Head of Payroll Services, Sainsbury's, said, "Outsourcing the payroll function to Northgate HR allows us to concentrate our efforts on strategic HR tasks.

Perhaps these strategic HR tasks will include disciplining the wayward delivery drivers at the Waltham Point depot?

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August 15, 2005

Roger Burnley is new head of supply chain

Sainsbury's has announced that Roger Burnley will take over from Lawrence Christensen as Head of Supply Chain. Christensen was brought out of retirement by Justin King last September on a fixed term contract. Burnley is expected to manage Sainsbury's supply chain side by side with Christensen, until Christensen's contract expires.

Analysts commented in a MorningStar news snap:

"He was well regarded in the industry," said Numis analyst Steve Davies, adding: "It's obviously disappointing that he's moving on."

Investec analyst Ingrid Boon pointed out that Christensen had already stayed on longer than he originally intended. She said the long handover period should ensure there is minimum disruption.

Roger Burnley is 39 and is currently supply chain director at Matalan. He has previously worked at Kingfisher PLC's (KGF.LN) B&Q home improvement chain as well as Wal-Mart Inc's (WMT) Asda unit, the U.K.'s number-two supermarket.

"His experience at Matalan is particularly relevant as Roger was brought in to lead a complete overhaul of the supply chain systems and distribution infrastructure," said the Sainsbury spokeswoman.

"He's quite well respected," said Investec's Boon, "and I believe he was Sainsbury's first choice."

Armed as I am with incomplete information, I have to wonder if about the relevance of Burnley's Matalan experience. Matalan has always seemed to me to be the typical discounter - stocking whatever its Purchasing Department could buy cheap that month with no real consistency. Burnley's Asda experience may be more relevant.

The challenge for Sainsbury's is to get the right goods on the shelves with consistency. Good luck, Mr Burnley.

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May 09, 2005

Sainsbury's trims back banking

The Independent reports that Sainsbury's cuts banking jobs. I guess Adrian may think that they could do with focussing more efforts on the core business of food.

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April 17, 2005

More on JWT

Another little snippet about JWT, Abbot Mead Vickers' rival for Sainsbury's advertising account:

JWT's pitch team includes head of account planning and former Lowe executive Russ Lidstone, who worked on the account of Sainsbury's rival Tesco at Lowe, sources said. He joined JWT in February.

Via AdWeek.

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Holidays from Sainsbury's

The Telegraph reported today that Sainsbury's has done a deal with Going Places to incorporate travel agencies in 6 of their stores. 11 stores already have Thomas Cook outlets in place.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said that the  in-store travel agents were proving popular with customers.

"They will be in some of the bigger stores which tend to offer more than just food and perhaps do not have other travel agencies nearby," she said.

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April 12, 2005

Sainsbury's bring IT staff back in house; speculation about Accenture contract

Computer Weekly is reporting that there is speculation surrounding Sainsbury's £1.7bn IT contract with Accenture.

Nigel Montgomery, director of European research at analyst firm AMR, said Sainsbury's could put pressure on Accenture for a better deal but was unlikely to change its IT outsourcing supplier.

"Sainsbury's has been very savvy about the whole agreement. I have heard several suppliers say they are in the running for the contract but I will be surprised if Sainsbury's get rid of Accenture," he said. "It is in a good position to renegotiate the contract because Accenture will not want to lose the contract.

So it looks like Sainsbury's hold a strong hand, especially as Angela Morrison, Sainsbury's new IT director, will be known to Accenuture as the woman who ended Asda-Walmart's outsourcing deal with IBM.

The article also points out the that the automated service depots, which caused so many stocking problems, are outside the scope of the deal with Accenture.

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March 10, 2005

Hope returns...

One or two snippets today that paint a more positive picture at Sainsbury's: The Retail Bulletin - New signs of hope at Sainsbury's
The latest TNS UK grocery market share figures offer further signs that the recovery programme initiated at Sainsbury's by chief executive Justin King is having an impact.
Times Online - Sainsbury looks in store for a recovery
With the shelves full, shoppers are going back to the retailer. So is Justin King’s plan working? By Richard Fletcher and Dan Box JO JONES, a loyal Sainsbury shopper from Leamington Spa, has noticed a great improvement in her local store in recent months. No longer does she encounter empty shelves or leave the store with only half the items on her shopping list. “It has changed. Now they have what you want every time,” she said. “I know people who stopped going to Sainsbury but are now coming back.”
There's also some interesting coverage over at thisismoney, including a new bonus scheme for managers. One or two swallows don't make a summer. But it's a relief to see some good news.

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